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Price List

Prices subject to change and depend on duration and travel time

As of Jan 1st, 2024:

We will be requiring a $50 deposit for pet sitting services for any number of days

House Sitting

We will take care of your home and furry, feathery or scaly friend overnight and stay in your guest room. This includes checking the mail, watering the plants and taking out your trash! If we start our first day before 4pm we'll charge per day, after 4pm we'll book nightly.

NOTE: We cannot accommodate a sit that requires more than four hours of time at each house. 

$50 per day/night*


$5 per day for administering meds

$10 per day for an extra dog

$5 per day for an extra cat 

Vacation Drop-Ins

This non-overnight service will help you care for your pet when you are out of town. We can also help take care of your house while you are gone by bringing your mail and watering plants.  We'll take photos and send them to you via text or email.  

$25 per drop in (One Hour)

Up to 4 drop-ins per day

Hour or Half Hour Pop-In

We know your life can be hectic.  We are here when you need someone to take your dog on a walk, or let them out and play a little catch, even a cuddle on the couch.

 $35 per hour, $20/half hour.  

*Sorry, no boarding services available at this time

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